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Black Heart Copy and Paste – this is what you have come for right? Here are the list of all the black hearts available in the base of emoticons. Just click on the icon and it gets copied to your clipboard.

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black heart copy and paste

Black Heart Copy and Paste – Meaning

Black Heart generally is used to express sorrow, grief, morbidity or a form of dark humor. There are different black hearts that are used since they are black, they don’t actually mean the same. Let me get into the meanings of above provided black heart symbols. Make sure you use them wisely in correct situations. You can use black heart copy and paste to land on this page and know what actually it means. You can also click to copy and paste black heart.

As you know across our cultures heart is used to describe the character, emotion. In olden days, black heart is used in the context of evil, tragedy, evolving darkness and melancholy. Black often symbolizes some thing very wicked. In English literature, we often find a word called black-hearted. In agricultural context as well, black heart is referred to a disease commonly seen in potatoes. It means it begins at the core and destroys or rotten the entire plant. Hence, it is referred as black heart!

You could even find in many of the books where authors making use of the word black heart in different contexts. Some use to describe people who are wicked, some use to describe evil things and some make use of it as corrupt in some situations. Even Marvel Comics has created a character by name Black Heart which indeed stands for evil. This black heart is used by people to indicate feeling sad, dark sense of humor etc. You can click on the above black hearts to copy and paste. Trust me the first symbol stands the best to express if you are in grief. Some guys highly typical ones show that grief using black dot as well. The word is common in social media indicating that that is a black dot in history or some kind of stuff.

My heart wants him. should I always follow my heart?

Some interesting stuff – You have to let your heart win sometimes over your brain. In love, brain all the time thinks of security and stuff but heart – its some thing different. It always thinks how comfortable you are and how happy you are with him. Its not money which makes people happy but with some one who understands them better. Let your heart choose what it needs!

It’s ok that you are downloading the heart symbol! In love?? Do you know why do people refer heart symbols? Do you know how it all started? If not let me tell you. Heart symbols were dated back to B.C. There are many theories that people say about heart symbol copy and paste. During 4th B.C, people have used heart symbols as antiques. Later on western people have added the heart symbol copy and paste to be some thing like a heart symbol. The original idea of how it was initially drawn was given as, fig leaves by some as people used to have shelter for their animal under fig trees. Some say they have reference to woman body. Few say that as was given as reference to ivy leaves. The ivy tree generally lasts or lives long. Hence, people with reference to that, they say love should last long that is the reason why love is depicted in the symbol. This is the history of heart but black heart copy and paste is slightly related to it.

Some people say that the leaves of water lily are shaped similar to the heart symbol copy and paste. As years passed by, the antique symbol was reversed and it is named as heart symbol. These are few of the theories on how the heart symbol was initially developed. What ever is the reason we could see that this beautiful geometric creation is owned by nature. Don’t you agree?

Lets not worry about why and how it came up. But we use it for expressing love. Happy expressing love. Have fun in black heart copy and paste blog!!

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