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Heart Symbol Text – Heart symbol Copy and Paste – are you looking for cool heart symbols to copy and use? You are at a right place. Just click on the symbol to copy and paste. Do you know what each heart means ? There are different colored hearts in emoticons right? Checkout the meanings of colored hearts in emoticons below along with them.

Heart Symbol Text


Emoji Heart








orange heart








By any chance do you know Heart Text Art or ASCII Code Art of heart ?

Text Art is completely created out of keyboard symbols. You can directly copy the created heart and paste in any of the social platform or in any of the device. It works great!!

Heart Symbol Text – 1

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ´¶¶¶¶¶´

Heart Symbol Text – 2


Heart Symbol Text – 3


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Most of the people are into ASCII code. Making use of the ascii code to generate the heart copy paste. These hearts are being used in conversations. Checkout the above ascii code heart generated. The above heart symbols are not only for any devices, they can be used as heart symbol in word and you can also make the heart in iphone as well. You can find the heart symbol meaning in the below:

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Colored Heart symbol Meanings

Red Heart: Red Heart stands for love. It’s an expression of passion and love.
Orange Heart: Orange Heart stands for half relation ship. You just want to be friends.
Yellow Heart: Its for purity of love and no romantic context is involved.
Green Heart: Green Heart is for expression of lifestyle and closeness to nature.
Blue Heart: Blue Heart stands for full confidence.
Purple Heart: Purple Heart stands for expressing compassion.
Black Heart: Black Heart is used to represent sorrow or grief.
Broken Heart: Broken Heart is used to express that you are desperately unhappy.
Heavy Heart Exclamation: Heavy heart exclamation means you agree with some thing totally.
Two Hearts: Love is in air. It means not in romantic context used among girls.
Revolving Hearts: It means love between two persons. Some one wants to win your heart.
Beating Heart: Beating heart means you love them so much.
Growing Heart: Growing heart indicates increase in love towards some one.
Sparkling Heart: Sparkling Heart means you are simply great!
Heart with Arrow: It’s cupid arrow. It means you are helplessly in love!!
Heart with Ribbon: Heart with Ribbon means you have my love. Generally those boxes contain chocolates or Jewelry.
These are some of the meanings of important emoticons that we use in our daily conversations. This is the acute accent stuff presented to you!

You can not insert the heart symbols?

Answer is yes you can insert using the alt key + codes!! Check out the listed codes using alt key to generate the heart symbols directly from the keyboard.

ALT Codes of heart symbol text

You have already seen heart emoticons, Heart text art and now let us understand how to generate heart symbols using the keyboard symbols or symbol patterns: The code which you can see is called alt codes. As it includes the alt key, it is called alt codes.

Alt + 9753	☙	Reversed Rotated Floral Heart Bullet
Alt + 9825	♡	White Heart Suit
Alt + 9829	♥	Black Heart Suit
Alt + 10083	❣	Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament
Alt + 10084	❤	Heavy Black Heart
Alt + 10085	❥	Rotated Heavy Black Heart Bullet
Alt + 10087	❧	Rotated Floral Heart Bullet
Alt + 127977	🏩	Love Hotel
Alt + 128140	💌	Love Letter
Alt + 128145	💑	Couple With Heart
Alt + 128146	💒	Wedding Chapel With Hearts
Alt + 128147	💓	Beating Heart
Alt + 128148	💔	Broken Heart
Alt + 128149	💕	Two Hearts
Alt + 128150	💖	Sparkling Heart
Alt + 128151	💗	Growing Heart
Alt + 128152	💘	Heart With Arrow
Alt + 128153	💙	Blue Heart
Alt + 128154	💚	Green Heart
Alt + 128155	💛	Yellow Heart
Alt + 128156	💜	Purple Heart
Alt + 128157	💝	Heart With Ribbon
Alt + 128158	💞	Revolving Hearts
Alt + 128159	💟	Heart Decoration
Alt + 128525	😍	Smiling Face With Heart Shaped Eyes
Alt + 128571	😻	Smiling Cat Face With Heart Shaped Eyes

heart symbol text , heart symbol copy paste

Who came up with Heart Text symbol?

It’s ok that you are downloading the heart symbol! In love?? Do you know why do people refer heart symbols? Do you know how it all started? If not let me tell you. Heart symbols were dated back to B.C. There are many theories that people say about heart symbol copy and paste. During 4th B.C, people have used heart symbols as antiques. Later on western people have added the heart symbol copy and paste to be some thing like a heart symbol. The original idea of how it was initially drawn was given as, fig leaves by some as people used to have shelter for their animal under fig trees. Some say they have reference to woman body. Few say that as was given as reference to ivy leaves. The ivy tree generally lasts or lives long. Hence, people with reference to that, they say love should last long that is the reason why love is depicted in the symbol.

Some people say that the leaves of water lily are shaped similar to the heart symbol copy and paste. As years passed by, the antique symbol was reversed and it is named as heart symbol. These are few of the theories on how the heart symbol was initially developed. What ever is the reason we could see that this beautiful geometric creation is owned by nature. Don’t you agree?

Lets not worry about why and how it came up. But we use it for expressing love. Happy expressing love. Have fun in heart symbol copy and paste blog!!

How to make a heart on keyboard without number pad ?

I know most of you are trying to find some way to make a heart on keyboard without number pad is it not? If yes, let me tell you the best one to do! Just follow the steps below:

Windows: If you are using windows, in the search bar search for Character Map
heart symbol text
Click on the Advanced View checkbox at the bottom of the window You could see a search bar there.
Search for heart and you ll be landed at a heart symbol!! All you have to do is select it and it click on copy button it gets copied to your keyboard.
This way you need not use either the alt codes or any other means to remember and type the heart symbol. My suggestion is to keep the window open and use when ever needed.

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